Moscow State University of Food Production
About us
Moscow State University of Food Production - the largest educational and scientific center, which creates the scientific foundations of modern multi-level education, scientific and technological solutions for the production of basic foods from vegetable raw materials.

Today Moscow State University of Food Production is an integrator platform where science, business and education meet. Negotiations are being held with business structures to conduct research by scientists and students of the university, directors and specialists of leading enterprises of the food industry are invited to make presentations, and a school of mentoring is being developed. a program of training highly qualified personnel is being implemented and developed directly for the needs and requirements of companies.

This is the beginning of a new strategy that will allow us to develop a university model at the forefront, effective, prestigious and dynamic that is relevant to the needs and aspirations of our students.
7 advantages of studying at MSUFP
why people choose us
Moscow State University of Food Production – is one of the largest engineering and technical universities in Russia, here you can get a modern, progressive education because MSUFP has a number of advantages.
Assistance for admission
The process of entering a foreign University can be a difficult task for students and the admission Committee of the MSUFP will help them to get acquainted with the University and its rules, providing all the necessary information. Moreover, the admission Committee of the MSUFP will make sure that the students do not miss the entrance tests and take part in the Grand opening of the new school year.
Foreign Students Department
Employees of the Department for work with foreign students coordinate the reception and placement of foreign citizens on campuses, contribute to the social adaptation of students at the University and help with visa and registration issues.
Preparatory faculty
MSUFP trains foreign students in the Russian language to obtain a specialty. Language training of foreign citizens precedes their training in higher education programs. At the end of the course, you will be able to conduct dialogues and express your thoughts, thanks to full immersion in the language environment and daily practice.
Internships in foreign countries
MSUFP has more than 50 partner universities and organizes internships in many countries. This is a unique opportunity to travel while studying, gaining new knowledge and skills
Unique academies
If you want to learn how to understand wines, build your own wine library or buy an elegant and very popular profession, then come to the Academy of cavists and sommeliers created on the basis of MSUFP. The practical part of the lessons offers high-quality wines from the best producers in the world, You will really learn to understand wines!
Curators of student groups
At the beginning of the school year, each group of first-year students is coordinated by a curator. The curators are also students of MSUFP, who are always ready to help you solve everyday student problems.
Student life
MSUFP has an extensive list of various events that students participate in. The University annually celebrates the day of the Food Production, and students actively participate in charity events, master classes and competitions.
Submit an application
Come on a tourist visa and pass the entrance exams
Sign a training contract
Terms of entrance exams
Bachelor and specialist degree: August 14-22 (on a contract basis); July 14-23 (on a budget basis);
Master's degree: August 21-25;
Postgraduate course: June 29 – July 4
Documents to apply
  • Passport
  • Russian translation of the passport, notary authorized
  • Diploma of education (diploma, certificate)
  • Russian translation of the Diploma, notary authorized
  • Medical test results (blood test: HI virus, syphilis, hepatitis; Fluorography, therapeutic consequence)
  • 6 pictures of 3х4 cm size

To learn more about MSUFP and the rules of admission to the University, visit our website or contact the Admission Committee or Foreign Students Department by e-mail:; or by phone: +7 (499) 750 01 11 EXT. 5998, 7167

Moscow State University of Food Production began to accept for training foreign citizens and stateless persons, including compatriots living abroad in a remote format.

A preliminary application can be submitted at:

After that, our employees will contact and give additional information about admission to training at MSUFP in the remote format
Our contacts
Contact us
+7 (499) 750 01 11 ext. 5998, 7167
Volokolamskoe Shosse 11, Moscow, Russian Federation